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posted by [personal profile] ctseawa at 03:21pm on 19/09/2014
I've just deleted my LiveJournal account. I stopped using it when I began boycotting Russia over their treatment of LGBT people and since things have only gotten worse with Czar Putin getting more powerful I have decided it is time to remove even the appearance of support for the Russian-owned system.
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posted by [personal profile] ctseawa at 02:08pm on 01/04/2013 under ,
I have a lot of saved up vacation I should use and not a lot of money I can use to do so. Staycations just don't work for me, I need to be away from the house (and preferably away from the city) because otherwise I get bord, log in, and start doing work.

I'm looking for inexpensive travel options. Doesn't have to be right now but sometime in 2013 would be good.

Ordinarily this would be a year I'd go to Australia for a SAGE-AU conference but they're not doing those anymore (sadness). Last time I had this much vacation banked I went to Oslo for 6 weeks as a visitor at Oslo University College's masters in system administration program (an option I'm considering again). It would be interesting to do something I haven't done before, though.

Any suggestions?
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posted by [personal profile] ctseawa at 11:07am on 23/03/2013 under , ,
Does anyone in Seattle want to join me for a spontaneous photo walk in Pike Place Market this afternoon?
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Cascadia IT Conference, March 15-16, 2013, Hotel Deca, Seattle, WA

If you're an IT support professional living/working in the US Pacific NW or the Canadian SW, or even one who likes to travel to Seattle, now's your chance! Head to casitconf'13 and click on the big, friendly Register Now button. Trust me, it's worth it.

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Cascadia IT Conference, March 15-16, 2013, Hotel Deca, Seattle, WA

The tutorial slate has been announced. Technical presentations have been selected (and submitters notified). Registration will be opening and full schedule will be posted in the next few days.

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As a gay man coming of age in the early-mid 1980s (and out of the closet in the very late 80s) AIDS was The Thing that was always there, always present, always lurking. It was the question that dared not be asked but that _had_ to be asked. It was something you had to be cognizant of and always take precautions against.

The first time I was tested it took 3 weeks to get the result. Those were, without a doubt, the most miserable three weeks of my life. I spent the entire time worried and wondering and pondering the "what if?"s. What would I do? Who, if anyone, in my family would I tell? Could I even face my family? Sure, I was always careful but with something like that can you ever be careful _enough_? I still have those fears every time I am tested, though thankfully it now only takes about 20 minutes to get the initial results.

Like everyone, I've lost people to it along the way. There are holes in my life that will never be filled. There are holes I don't even know about because I never met the person who would/could have been significant to me.

As treatment gets better and life expectancy gets higher I sense a lot of complacency not only in the GBLT world but also in the straight world. People seem to think it doesn't matter anymore.

It. Matters. It matters more than I can ever hope to express.

Do yourself and everyone you care for ... and those you will care about in the future a favor. Learn about it. Behave responsibly.
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This morning the Governor of the State of Washington signed the bill giving same-sex couples the right to enjoy the full benefits of marriage, including using the phrase "we're married."

This historic event was 40 years (or way more) in the making. I want to thank the state senators and representatives who had the courage to Do The Right Thing in passing this law.

As I have been saying as long as I can remember, "We don't want special rights, we want equal rights."
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posted by [personal profile] ctseawa at 11:52am on 12/11/2011 under ,
Castle's DSL has been down since 17:37 last night. I just got off the phone after one of those very frustrating|annoying|embarrasing-for-the-tech "did you reboot it" phone calls. Now they've scheduled a technician for a home visit tomorrow morning. Email to my castle address isn't going to be seen until after my connection is back. If you need to reach me best to call my google voice number or email my gmail.com address.
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posted by [personal profile] ctseawa at 10:07pm on 08/07/2011 under ,
I'm liking Google+. I hope to completely abandon facebook for it soon.

If you would like an invite the next time they open the window please let me know. Private message (email, IM, etc) me the email address you want it sent to. It seems to work best if the address is somehow connected to a Google service.
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posted by [personal profile] ctseawa at 10:55pm on 29/06/2011 under , ,
I have invites. Let me know if you want one.
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